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GIG - Promote the development of the Global Internet Governance as a recognized interdisciplinary new research field

Type: Progetto interno

This activity is for evaluating the factibility of starting a new national project call Internet Governance Project to study the future Global Internet Governance issues and to take action in our own Italian communities [Study globally, Act locally]. To this end, we are interested at national level in sharing ideas with individual researcher, university, research institution, or related organization. The  macro areas of interdisciplinary scientific and technological research involved are:

  • information and communications sciences  
  • judicial and socio-economic sciences.


Internet exspantion has been called the most revolutionary development in the history of human communications: the ICT industry has created what no other technology or philosophy has been able to create. Internet is ubiquitous and is changing politics, economics and social relations. Internet governance started as a technical issue but became increasingly political as the management of critical resources began to conflict with other international areas. As the Internet continues to develop as a global network, Internet governance studies have an important role to ensure its continued security, stability, and interoperability.



Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo

Foto di Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo

Stefano Trumpy

Foto di Stefano Trumpy

Chiara Pasquinelli

Foto di Chiara Pasquinelli
External Partecipants: Dianora Poletti (univ. di Pisa), Vittore Casarosa (CNR Isti), Carlo Cosmatos (ISOC Italia), Oreste Signore (W3C Italia, CNR Isti)
From 01/01/2009 to 01/01/2020