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The Use of Blockchain for Digital Archives: a comparison between Ethereum and Hyperledger

In recent years, blockchain technology is progressively spreading on a large scale in various research sectors, including Cultural Heritage. Different types of blockchain exist, which can be classified either according to the type of users that can access them, or based on the features they offer. This article describes a theoretical study in which two very different blockchains are compared: Ethereum and Hyperledger, in order to define which of the two is more suitable for storing tangible heritage contained in digital archives. After a brief description of the two technologies, a possible generic application scenario will be described in order to understand which of the two technologies best meets the requirements of the scenario. The comparison between the two blockchains will therefore be carried out on the basis of general issues, architectural requirements and various considerations. As a result of the comparison, it will emerge that Hyperledger Fabric is more suitable in the context of digital archives.


Umanistica Digitale, 2020

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Type: Contributo in rivista non ISI
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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