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Internet Governance Forum 2020: Thematic Overview

The report was developed within the activities of the ICANN ccNSO working group on Internet Governance (ccNSO-IGLC) and published on the ccNSO Monthly Newsletter in April 2020.

The focus is made on the 15th Internet Governance Forum (IGF), a forum which brings people together, from various stakeholder groups as equals, in discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet. While there is no negotiated outcome, the IGF informs and inspires those with policy-making power in both the public and private sectors.  At their annual meeting delegates discuss, exchange information and share good practices with each other. The IGF facilitates a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise.

What to expect from the IGF 2020 and how to engage in its preparatory process? On 6 April, the IGF 2020 Host Country - Government of Poland, MAG Chair and the IGF Secretariat recently held an outreach and engagement webinar. Read the webinar report and focus on the IGF Thematic Overview and slide deck by Adriana Lazzaroni, representative of Registro .it in the ICANN ccNSO and member of ccNSO Internet Governance Liaison Committee (IGLC).



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Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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