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Scientific english: Writing and Presenting Scientific Articles in English

The seminar is tailored directly to the needs of Phd students and researchers at IIT. The semina r will teach how to: • structure a scientific paper • write clearly, concisely and accurately • use an English style of writing • avoid typical grammar and vocabulary mistakes • write emails to correspond with foreign colleagues, referees and editors There seminar is structured in 10 hours divided into five 2-hour seminars. The sessions are as interactive as possible in order to give participants some practical experience. Participants are expected to take a final written test.

From 06/02/2006-00.00 to 10/03/2007-00.00 , Pisa

Partecipant units: INTERO ISTITUTO

Note: Il Seminario si inquadra nell'ambito di un ampia attività di formazione e di aggiornamento professionale a cura della Segreteria Scientifica dell'istituto.