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RDAP implementation experience at .it

The presentation is about .it experiences and results in developing a
set of applications related to RDAP. The set of applications includes:

- a JSON Schema based validator verifying the compliance of a response
with both RDAP and jCard specifications;

- a crawler checking the responses from the servers reported in IANA
RDAP Bootstrap Service Registries;

- a server implementing several RDAP extensions, some of which are
currently discussed as drafts by the IETF RegExt working group;

- a self-configuring client based on the RDAP implementation
specification provided by the server.

ICANN 65- Tech Day, Marrakesh, 2019

IIT authors:

Type: Presentazione
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

File: ICANN65_Loffredo_Martinelli.pdf

Activity: Unità Sistemi e Sviluppo Tecnologico