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From the Clavius Correspondence to Linked Data: the CoW-LD Project

Over the last years, a great effort has been made in the field of Digital Humanities to digitize documents and collections in different formats. As a result a great amount of data has been made available thus providing new opportunities to build applications allowing the navigation of collections. In this paper, we focus on the Clavius Correspondence, a set of 266 handwritten letters, sent to Christopher Clavius, a known mathematician of the Sixteenth Century, from other important scientists of the same period. In order to bring all these precious manuscripts on the Web, the Clavius on the Web (CoW) project was built. CoW enriched all these letters with lexical and semantic annotations. In addition, the project implemented a Web platform where all this material was made available and annotations within letters could be done. Among the many activities of CoW, one focused on building a Linked Dataset about all contextual resources associated to manuscripts, people and places involved in those letters. This paper describes the CoW Linked Dataset (CoW-LD), built around these manuscripts. CoW-LD was built partially manually and partially through automatic programs, which enriched the dataset with external resources, such as those contained in DBpedia and GeoNames. As a result, CoW-LD contains also letters annotations and events associated to the authors of the letters, as well as aliases to external sources.


AIUCD, Bari, 2018

IIT authors:

Type: Abstract in atti di convegno
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

File: AIUCD-Clavius-final.pdf

Activity: Social and Semantic Web