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D2D Data Offloading in Vehicular Networks with Delivery Time Selection

Within the framework of a Device-to-Device (D2D) data of-oading system for cellular networks, we propose a Content DeliveryManagement System (CDMS) in which the instant for transmitting acontent to a requesting node, through a D2D communication, is selectedto minimize the energy consumption required for transmission. The pro-posed system is particularly t to highly dynamic scenarios, such as ve-hicular networks, where the network topology changes at a rate which iscomparable with the order of magnitude of the delay tolerance. Throughextensive system level simulations, we compare the energy consumed bythe devices to perform D2D data ooading using the proposed schemewith the energy consumed when using a benchmark scheme (proposedin previous works) without optimal transmission instant selection. Theresults show that, in speci c scenarios, compared to the benchmark sys-tem in which the transmission instant is not optimized, the proposedsystem allows a reduction of the energy consumed for D2D communica-tions above 90%.

International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, (IFIP WWIC 2018), Boston, MA, USA, 2018

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Type: Contributo in atti di convegno
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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Activity: Future Internet