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Towards Pervasive Predictive Analytics in Interactive Prevention and Rehabilitation for Older People

The world population is rapidly aging and becoming a burden to health systems around the world. In this work we present a conceptual framework to encourage the research community to develop more comprehensive and adaptive ICT solutions for prevention and rehabilitation of chronic conditions in the daily life of the aging population and beyond health facilities. We first present an overview of current international standards in human functioning and disability, and how chronic conditions are interconnected in older age. We then describe innovative mobile and sensor technologies, predictive data analysis in healthcare, and game-based prevention and rehabilitation techniques. We then set forth a multidisciplinary approach for the personalized prevention and rehabilitation of chronic conditions using unobtrusive and pervasive sensors, interactive activities, and predictive analytics, which also eases the tasks of health-related researchers, caregivers and providers. Our proposal represents a conceptual basis for future research, in which much remains to be done in terms of standardization of technologies and health terminology, as well as data protection and privacy legislation.


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Type: Capitolo di libro
Field of reference: Computer Science & Engineering
File: Rehab-BookChapter-Buzzi.pdf

Activity: Healthcare and wellbeing