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Seminario IIT: "Trustworthy information exchange", Pisa 22 Giugno 2017

In this seminar we will talk generally about trust, about concepts related to trust, such as trustworthiness and reputation. The importance of trust in real world will be explained and how to establish it. A classification and explanation of trust models will be presented, such as evaluation and decision models and their subclasses. Then the talk will be about trust negotiation, which is a method, how to establish trust by credentials exchange. We will continue with credential access policy, authority and credentials confidentiality.
This is an ongoing work and the objectives of this research are:
- To develop a trust framework for policy-based trust management systems following the secure Software Development Life Cycle in order to help developers to include trust into their software systems.
- To validate this framework in specific scenarios, such as industry and the Internet of Things (IoT).

*Bio*: Martin is an early stage researcher at University of Malaga working on the EU NeCS project. His research field is trust and how to establish trust between many subjects for a confidential information sharing. He obtained his BSc degree in the field of informatics and his MSc degree in the field of automation - process control at University of Zilina in Slovakia. He was working for a couple of years as a software engineer for Siemens-PSE and NXP company. He is interested in the field of cyber security and trust and about its practical application in computer systems.

From 22/06/2017-11.00 to 22/06/2017-11.00 , IIT-CNR, Aula A 32

Speaker: Martin Kolar, University of Malaga, Spain, currently in CNR Pisa for secondment

Responsible: Fabio Martinelli