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RFID sensors and artifact tracking.

As network bandwidth steadily increases and touchscreen mobile devices be-come ever more pervasive, objects achieve an electronic identity by actively build-ing the Internet of Things (IoT). RFID technology as well as sensor networks (SN) are important elements in the creation of the IoT, with innovative customized apps designed around people. This chapter introduces basic features of RFID systems and discusses their potential in the field of cultural heritage protection and promo-tion. After a brief introduction, RFID is introduced, describing recent research im-provements that integrate sensor ability in RFID (semi) passive tags. Next, we fo-cus on its application in the field of Cultural Heritage, introducing related work and discussing possible scenarios of use. Finally, conclusions and future prospects end the work.


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Type: Contributo in volume
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems
Editor: Springer Book Title: Sensing the Past pp: 435-451
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