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A personalized recommender system for pervasive social networks

The current availability of interconnected portable devices, and the advent of the Web 2.0, raise the problem of supporting anywhere and anytime access to a huge amount of content, generated and shared by mobile users. On the one hand, users tend to be always connected for sharing experiences and conducting their social interactions with friends and acquaintances, through so-called Mobile Social Networks, further improving their social inclusion. On the other hand, the pervasiveness of communication infrastructures spreading data (cellular networks, direct device-to-device contacts, interactions with ambient devices as in the Internet-of-Things) makes compulsory the deployment of solutions able to filter off undesired information and to select what content should be addressed to which users, for both (i) better user experience, and (ii) resource saving of both devices and network. In this work, we propose a novel framework for pervasive social networks, called Pervasive PLIERS (p-PLIERS), able to discover and select, in a highly personalized way, contents of interest for single mobile users. p-PLIERS exploits the recently proposed PLIERS tag-based recommender system (Arnaboldi et al., 2016) as a context reasoning tool able to adapt recommendations to heterogeneous interest profiles of different users. p-PLIERS effectively operates also when limited knowledge about the network is maintained. It is implemented in a completely decentralized environment, in which new contents are continuously generated and diffused through the network, and it relies only on the exchange of single nodes’ knowledge during proximity contacts and through device-to-device communications. We evaluated p-PLIERS by simulating its behavior in three different scenarios: a big event (Expo 2015), a conference venue (ACM KDD’15), and a working day in the city of Helsinki. For each scenario, we used real or synthetic mobility traces and we extracted real datasets from Twitter interactions to characterize the generation and sharing of user contents.

Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2017

External authors: Elena Pagani (Department of Computer Science, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy)
IIT authors:

Valerio Arnaboldi

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Type: Contributo in rivista ISI
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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