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Internet is nowadays a strategic asset and its contribution to our society has a role of primary importance. End users perceive the Internet through a set of services they use every day: for example www, e-mail, e-banking, VoIP, IP TV. Internet with all of its services, as perceived by the user, is the result of the interconnections of about 40,000 Autonomous Systems (ASes) each managed by different administrations and with different interests. Each interconnection between ASes is regulated by economic relations, and is implemented through the use of the BGP routing protocol, which is the de-facto standard inter-domain routing procotol. The monitoring of the various interconnections established between ASes is really important to be able to discover and identify the various weaknesses and dependencies of the Internet, and thus to be able to improve it. To date, several research institutions have tried to create Internet monitoring systems, but none of them has managed to create an effective system able to retrieve the complete view of the Internet structure. The main problem lies in the poor co-operation of ASes, which for their own economic reasons avoid, wherever possible, to disclose their own routing information. The Isolario project was designed precisely to be able to solve these problems. Isolario proposes a new approach, based on the do-ut-des principle, to stimulate ASes to provide information in exchange for real-time monitoring services of inter-domain routing. Thanks to Isolario through, the AS that will participate in the project will monitor the state of health of their inter-domain routing 24/7, and will be informed of possible malfunctions or abnormal situations detected by the system, such as route flapping, prefix hijacking and problems in the network reachability. In this way the current public datasets concerning the inter-domain routing of the Internet will be greatly enriched, and can be used to provide additional services to the AS connected and to perform research and analyses aiming at improving the quality of the Internet.

More information is available at: www.isolario.it




Luciano Lenzini

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Responsible: Enrico Gregori

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From 02/01/2013 to 31/12/2017