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Carpet Diem

Contracting: Associazione Amici della Stella Maris

Type: Contratto di collaborazione

Web Applications for the Future Internet

Development of a system prototype to support the psycho-physical training through a gym carpet for proposing exercises to users according to health workers directives. The exercises will be simple and fun, and data on exercises will be recorded to make them available for the evaluation and tuning of the training. The carpet will be tested by children and young adults with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities and no significant motor deficits.

The main areas of work will be cognitive and physical. Exercises will be customized and adapted to the subjects' needs.
The "gym mat" will provide different sensory stimuli (visual, auditory, vibrating), such as a system of colored lights to stimulate the eye-foot coordination and promote coordination, attention and motion planning.

The system will use specific sensors to record the load, the pressure, the speed of movement and the number of right and wrong responses during the exercises.


External Partecipants: Barbara Leporini (ISTI - CNR)
From 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2017