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A Survey over Low-Level Security Issues in Heavy Duty Vehicles

This is the era of open architectures, fleet management systems, remote support and other advanced features that can mean added value against competitors in heavy-duty vehicles industry. The need for security measures has emerged for In-Vehicle networks to avoid and prevent a number of issues, which become relevant with the increase of connectivity of such networks. A deep knowledge of the security problems, methodologies and possible solutions has been developed in the IT field, but there are significant differences in the application requirements and the network itself, when it comes to heavy- duty machines, specifically time-triggered communication and network throughput. Although researchers are overtaking network constrains with the recent research on the use of high-speed networks such as Ethernet instead of the classic CAN bus, security issues still remain a major constraint. The basic issues can be identified with an appropriate attacker model, which will be used to identify some security threats, proposing existing solutions and the challenges that they pose. In particular, in this paper we propose solutions for specific security threats, and compare their outcome both for the low-speed CAN and high-speed Ethernet networks, with emphasis on the authentication, integrity and encryption solutions.

ESCAR 2016 - Automotive Cyber Security Conference, Monaco (Germania), 2016

External authors: Luca Dariz (IMAMOTER - CNR), Massimiliano Ruggeri (IMAMOTER - CNR)
IIT authors:

Type: Contributo in atti di convegno
Field of reference: Computer Science & Engineering

File: escar2016_final.pdf

Activity: Sicurezza delle infrastrutture critiche