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Linked Data DoGi

Type: Contratto di collaborazione

Web Applications for the Future Internet

The legal domain is an extremely significant use case for Linked Open Data (LOD) applications due to the great value of legal information assets at social and economic level. Legal information is by its very nature fragmented, available in different sources and its different types of manifestation like legislation, case law and legal scholarship are closely connected to each other. Legal data is still largely stored in closed databases, isolated from each other, whether they originate from public sources or private publishers. However, something is changing. This presentation illustrates the role of legal scholarship as an information source of excellence allowing interconnection between legislation, case law and scholarship itself. A case study about the “Dottrina Giuridica” (DoGi) database as LOD is presented and potential applications for the exploitation of bibliographic legal information are examined. The LOD version of DoGi is one of the first initiatives within the legal context trying to exploit the great benefits offered by Semantic Web technologies. The ongoing project firstly aims to publish the bibliographic data of DoGi in compliance with the Linked Open Data principles. The publication process will produce a new semantic, structured and interlinked version of the data that will allow powerful querying mechanisms through open standards such as SPARQL. Furthermore, Information Visualization techniques will be also employed in order to present interactive visual representations, of the RDF machine readable data, to humans.



Responsible: Fabio Valsecchi

Foto di Fabio Valsecchi
External Partecipants: Sebastiano Faro (ITTIG-CNR), Elisabetta Marinai (ITTIG-CNR), Ginevra Peruginelli (ITTIG-CNR), Tommaso Agnoloni (ITTIG-CNR), Lorenzo Bacci (ITTIG-CNR)
From 01/02/2016 to 01/02/2017