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Wireless network federation for Smart Cities: an example of implementation in the Research Area of Pisa

Demand for mobility access in the research fields is continuously
increasing. Indoor wireless networks have proven results when it comes to
increasing productivity, giving researchers more flexibly in real time.
Extending this high-performance wireless coverage seamlessly to the outdoors is a
critical requirement. With the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile workers
demanding to stay connected whether they are moving inside a building or across
campus. We were looking for an outdoor wireless network that provides the
throughput and performance that users have become accustomed to at their offices.
Smart Campus project, a campus-wide living laboratory of Smart Cities, has
increased these needs introducing new kind of network devices likes IP cameras and
interconnected monitoring sensors that use wireless network.
This technical report describes how to federate separated wireless infrastructures
belonging to different administrative domains. It is also provided the technical
implementation successfully deployed at the Research Area of Pisa which can be
considered as a best practice for Smart Cities projects.


IIT authors:

Mario Marinai

Foto di Mario Marinai

Type: Rapporto Tecnico
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT TR-02/2016

File: TR-002-2016.pdf

Activity: Rete telematica del CNR di Pisa