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Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Chiara Boldrini, Guido Caldarelli, Paolo Cintia, Stefano Cresci, Angelo Facchini, Fosca Giannotti, Aristides Gionis, Riccardo Guidotti, Michael Mathioudakis, Cristina Ioana Muntean, Luca Pappalardo, Dino Pedreschi, Evangelos Pournaras, Francesca Pratesi, Maurizio Tesconi, Roberto Trasarti
(So) Big Data and the transformation of the city
2020, International Journal of Data Science and Analytics
Beatrice Rapisarda, Vittorio Romano
SoBigData_D3.6_654024_Final dissemination and community building events
2020, SoBigData Research Infrastructure
Joanna Wright (USFD), Marco Braghieri (KCL), Beatrice Rapisarda (CNR)
SoBigData_D4.3_654024_Training Activities-planning material and reports 2
2020, SoBigData Research Infrastructure
Y. Yoshimura, P. Santi, J. Murillo Arias, S. Zheng, C. Ratti
Spatial clustering: Influence of urban street networks on retail sales volumes
2020, Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City
Chiara Caiazza, Valerio Luconi, Alessio Vecchio
TCP‐based traceroute: An evaluation of different probing methods
C. Lanza, E. Cardillo, M. Taverniti, R. Guarasci
Terminology Management in Cybersecurity thought Knowledge Organization Systems: an Italian Use Case
2020, International Journal on Advances in Security
R. Zhu, M.S. Wong, L. You, P. Santi, J. Nichol, H.C. Ho, L. Lu, C. Ratti
The effect of urban morphology on the solar capacity of three-dimensional cities
2020, Renewable Energy
Matteo Cinelli, Stefano Cresci, Alessandro Galeazzi, Walter Quattrociocchi, Maurizio Tesconi
The limited reach of fake news on Twitter during 2019 European elections
2020, PLoS ONE
Sofia Fazio, Gabriele Berti, Francesco Russo, Monica Evangelista, Romina D’Aurizio, Alberto Mercatanti, Marco Pellegrini, Milena Rizzo
The miR-28-5p Targetome Discovery Identified SREBF2 as One of the Mediators of the miR-28-5p Tumor Suppressor Activity in Prostate Cancer Cells
2020, Cells
Francesca Martelli, M. Elena Renda, Jinhua Zhao
The Price of Privacy Control in Mobility Sharing