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B. Wali, S. Milardo, U. Fugiglando, P. Santi, C. Ratti
Heterogeneous Links Between Real-World Driving Volatility and Driving Stress Using Integrated CAN-Bus and Biometric Health Data
2021, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
E.F. Zambom Santana, G. Covas, F. Duarte, P. Santi, C. Ratti, K. Kon
Transitioning to a Driverless City: Evaluating a Hybrid System for Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Vehicles
2021, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory
K. O'Keefe, P. Santi, B. Wang, C. Ratti
Urban Sensing as a random search process
2021, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
David W Chadwick, Wenjun Fan, Gianpiero Constantino, Rogerio De Lemos, Francesco Di Cerbo, Ian Herwono, Paolo Mori, Ali Sajjad, Xiao-Si Wang
A cloud-edge based data security architecture for sharing and analysing cyber threat information
2020, Future Generation Computer Systems
D. Kondor, P. Santi, D.-T. Le, X. Zhang, A. Millard-Ball, C. Ratti
Addressing the “minimum parking” problem for on-demand mobility
2020, Nature Scientific Reports
Stefano Cresci
A Decade of Social Bot Detection
2020, Communications of the ACM
Claudio Cicconetti, Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella
Architecture and performance evaluation of distributed computation offloading in edge computing
2020, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory