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From MANET to people-centric networking: Milestones and open research challenges

In this paper, we discuss the state of the art of (mobile) multi-hop ad hoc networking with the aim to present the current status of the research activities and identify the consolidated research areas, with limited research opportunities, and the hot and emerging research areas for which further research is required. We start by briefly discussing the MANET paradigm, and why the research on MANET protocols is now a cold research topic. Then we analyze the active research areas. Specifically, after discussing the wireless-network technologies, we analyze four successful ad hoc networking paradigms, mesh networks, opportunistic networks, vehicular networks, and sensor networks that emerged from the MANET world. We also present an emerging research direction in the multi-hop ad hoc networking field: people centric networking, triggered by the increasing penetration of the smartphones in everyday life, which is generating a people-centric revolution in computing and communications.

Computer Communications, 2015

External authors: Salil S. Kanhere (University of New South Wales, Department School of Computer Science and Engineering ), Enzo Mingozzi (Università di Pisa, Department of Information Engineering, Italy), Pedro M. Ruiz (Universidad de Murcia, Department of Information and Communications Engineering, Spain), Mohamed Younis (niversity of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, USA)
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Type: Article in ISI Journal
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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