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Seminario: "Compressed Coloured de Bruijn Graphs" 23 Giugno 2015

There has been significant work on making de Bruijn graphs space-efficient, since most de novo assemblers rely on them.  As far as we know, however, there are no space-efficient implementations yet of coloured de Bruijn graphs, which Iqbal et al. (2012) introduced to 
capture intra-species genetic variation.  We show how to combine Bowe et al.’s (2012) compressed representations of (standard) de Bruijn graphs with Belazzougui et al.’s (2014) relative FM-indexes to obtain compressed, fully-functional representations of coloured de Bruijn graphs.

From 23/06/2015-10.30 to 23/06/2015-10.30 , Aula A32 IIT

Speaker: Travis Gagie, University of Helsinki

Responsible: Marco Pellegrini

Note: Biologia computazionele: http://www.iit.cnr.it/attivita_ricerca/biologia-computazionale