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EU Thematic Network - Advancing the Multilingual Web (MULTILINGUALWEB)

Contracting: Comunità Europea

Type: Progetto internazionale

Web Applications for the Future Internet

Multilingual Web, states that overcoming language barriers by enabling cross-lingual access to Web resources suffers from a lack of language-friendly Web conventions. Standards and best practices are a means of increasing interoperability and encouraging coherence across advances in ICT. They also provide targets that push applications intended for creation, display and management of content to consider the requirements for supporting multilingual use of the Web. Responding to the concerns expressed above will involve bringing people together from the multiple disciplines that feed into the multilingual Web to understand what best practices and standards exist currently, and to look forward to what advances will further reduce the barriers to an inclusive.

Multilingual Web


From 01/05/2010 to 30/04/2012