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The collaboration is aimed at the dissemination and exploitation of research results in order to make known to a wider audience the scientific and technological activities carried out by CNR research Institutes and to promote their image at national and international level. The activity is implemented mainly through: • Supporting the participation of the CNR Research Institutes of Pisa to events on the dissemination of scientific culture and proposing calendars of proposed initiatives: (Settimana della Cultura Scientifica, laboratorio La Limonaia Scienza Viva, seminars, interactive workshops, demos, exhibitions and exhibition spaces) • Organizing guided tours to research laboratories, operating rooms, seminars, multimedia sessions for students, teachers and visitors of the CNR Research Area. The initiatives carried out within the collaboration are described in detail at: http://www.iit.cnr.it/attivita_ricerca/divulgazione-scientifica-valorizzazione-risultati


Start of collaboration: 2008

End of collaboration : 2022