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Skills, methodologies and tools to develop the access portal to resources and services of the digital library and implement an integrated system for open access to digital information using Meta OPAC, OPAC Semantic and Semantic Web technologies. 1) targeted research and sharing of knowledge and information in the files in the repository and the Digital Library also by building specific domain taxonomies; 2) digitization of the historical patrimony, enhancement and preservation of national scientific production and efficient management of MetaOPAC and SEMANTICOPAC.


Roberto Guarasci

Foto di Roberto Guarasci

Anna Rovella

Foto di Anna Rovella

Iryna Solodovnik

Foto di Iryna Solodovnik

Paola Rizzitano

Foto di Paola Rizzitano

Giulia Benotto

Foto di Giulia Benotto

Start of collaboration: 2013

End of collaboration : 2015