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"Convention between IIT-UOS Rende and University of Calabria, Department of Languages and Education, Center of Excellence in Economics and Knowledge Management, providing the use of human resources and equipment on both sides in order to promote initiatives and strategic interventions in the field of innovation and scientific and technological research. The University of Calabria is committed: a) to host I'IIT-UOS on its premises in the Department of Languages and Education - Center of Excellence in Economics and Knowledge Management for the duration of this Convention, which must be in compliance with the applicable standards of occupational safety, accident prevention, health protection and usability; b) to allocate, on loan and non-exclusivly , to IIT-UOS, the rooms, facilities and equipment. The IIT-CNR UOS Rende is committed to: a) allow technical and administrative staff, university professors and researchers as IIT research associates to conduct research programs under the terms of the Regulations referred to in DPCNR n. 006 dated February 2, 2007."


Roberto Guarasci

Foto di Roberto Guarasci

Start of collaboration: 2013

End of collaboration : 2018