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Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni - ICAR (CNR)

Struttura CNR

ICAR (Institute for high performance computing and networking) of the CNR is a research institute with focus on: Warehousing and mining of large data sets and knowledge representation and discovery; Cognitive agent systems for robotics and for the intelligent delivery of sensory data and advanced services; Intelligent services for computational grids and peer-to-peer systems; Pervasive computational grids for high performance computing; Highly immersive virtual reality systems and advanced algorithms for image analysis; E-health methodologies, systems, and applications; Service-oriented multi-multimedia content management and integration; Evolutionary Computing methodologies and tools and their application to modelling and optimization in Complex Systems; Intelligent data analysis for comprehensive security; Machine learning models and techniques for bioinformatics; Advanced algorithms and architectures for bioinformatics; Systems and applications for culturale heritage management.


Start of collaboration: 2009

End of collaboration : 2013