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Type: Progetto nazionale

Web Applications for the Future Internet

Dyslexia is a learning disability that creates a language barrier at the receptor level. For people with dyslexia to read is very difficult.

To help children with dyslexia overcome this barrier, the CNR (IIT) is developing an application that converts electronic text, by applying font and formatting to facilitate understanding, reducing and possibly eliminating possible errors in the text reading. The application will be an online service available for all stakeholders (learners, teachers, family, speech therapists, ...). In this way all the material shared electronically can be adapted to the demanding person.

Another goal of the project is to facilitate the learning of individuals with learning disabilities or mild cognitive impairment. The CNR IIT along with IEIIT  create  low cost accessible and usable interactive tools, with adaptive interfaces to support learning and facilitate the relationship in subjects with different abilities through games, images, animations, video modeling, etc.




From 03/03/2014 to 03/03/2017