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Type: Progetto nazionale

Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

Secure! is a research project funded by the Tuscany region that aims to create an innovative decision support system in terms of public safety, private and civil protection.

Secure! exploits the widespreading of social media and the emergence of crowdsensing and crowdsourcing technologies to put together the collection of information and the coordination of the monitoring and intervention activities in the territory. The overall objective of the project Secure! is actually to try to prevent or anticipate events and emergencies that could affect the public and/or critical infrastructure safety in order to respond quickly and accurately optimizing the management of the emergency.

The project Secure! studies, defines and implements techniques and components to: 1) acquire and collect data from multiple sources and heterogeneous as social media, applications crowdsensing, sensor networks and information systems; 2) extract, analyze and integrate information, not always structured (such as text, images, etc.), from these sources; 3) make decisions, integrating knowledge management techniques for the determination of situation awareness and practical reasoning for the management of the operational plans of action


From 01/12/2013 to 31/03/2015

Note: Regione Toscana, PorCreo FESR 2013, Bando Unico “Ricerca e Sviluppo”