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The objective of this project is to deliver an innovative technology that enables an efficient, fast and seamless exchange of clinical data among mobile devices, ensuring at the same time that the data sharing is made in a secure way. This means that such data exchange should not create risks of violating confidentiality and privacy that are particularly important when dealing with clinical and medical information. Moreover, the project aims to create a framework and technological

solution for trusted and secure exchange of data in a mobile, heterogeneous environment, in which information can be accessed also from mobile devices as smart phones or Personal Digital Assisstants (PDAs). Indeed mobile systems provide a very promising platforms for mobile healthcare.

The MobiCare project will deliver a framework for data protection based on data sharing policies for mobile devices. The importance and advantages of this approach become especially important with the significant demands of secure mechanisms for collaboration and data sharing among different organizations, e.g., clinical data sharing among physicians, patients and researchers through secure clinical information systems. The application of the project framework to an healthcare scenario makes this framework very actual.

The proposed architecture covers three steps of the data exchange, starting from the modeling of the data sharing policies, at a high level of abstraction, to the enforcing of these policies, at low enforceable level of abstraction, in order to guarantee that the exchange of data between different

devices is done in a secure way, without accidentally or maliciously mishandled of data.



From 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2013