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Grupo Hospitalario Quiron

Organismo Internazionale

Grupo Hospitalario Quirom  is a most important private hospital group in Spain with twenty one hospitals inBarcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Marbella, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Zaragoza, La Coruña, Mallorca,Murcia, Torrevieja, Sevilla, Tenerife, Pamplona and Torrent. The experience and the investment in the latesttechnology are complemented by new generations of responsible and committed professionals who contributeto an extremely important added value for the company. Our organisational model focuses, in turn, oninnovation, creativity, experimentation, teamwork and proactive approach. These characteristics shape anorganisation which is continuously innovating by means of technical knowledge participation and co-cooperation between the different hospitals of the company to the benefit of our patients. 

The collaboration concerns the CoCo Cloud EU FP7 project. The CoCo Cloud project aims at designing and developing a framework enabling the writing, understanding, analysis, management, enforcement and dissolution of data sharing agreements, going from high level descriptions (close to natural language) to system enforceable data usage policies. CoCo Cloud will consider the most appropriate enforcing mechanisms depending on the underlying infrastructure and context for enforcing such data usage policies. The main aim of this collaboration concerns the definition of the e-health pilot for setting up privacy policies and enforcing them.


Start of collaboration: 2013

End of collaboration : 2016