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Towards a DBpedia of Tourism: the case of Tourpedia

In this paper we illustrate Tourpedia, which would be the DBpedia of tourism. Tourpedia contains more than half a million places, divided in four categories: accommodations, restaurants, points of in- terests and attractions. They are related to eight locations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, London, Paris, Rome and Tuscany, but new lo- cations are continuously added. Information about places were extracted from four social media: Facebook, Foursquare, GooglePlaces and Book- ing and were integrated in order to build a unique catalogue. Tourpedia provides also a Web API and a SPARQL endpoint to access data. 


ISWC 2014, Riva Del Garda, 2014

IIT authors:

Davide Gazzè

Foto di Davide Gazzè

Type: Article in proceedings of international peer-reviewed conference
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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