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XScribe: a stateless, cross-layer approach to P2P multicast in multi-hop ad hoc networks

Using p2p systems on multi-hop ad hoc networks is an amazingly interesting challenge. While the features of p2p systems designed for Internet are particularly suitable for ad hoc networking environments, the very assumptions behind their design are usually at odds with the ad hoc network distinctive features. It is thus challenging to port p2p features to ad hoc networks in an efficient way. In this work we focus on p2p multicasting, and design a Scribe cross-layer replacement, suitable for ad hoc networks (XScribe). We discuss the main XScribe features, and evaluate its performance on a real multi-hop ad hoc network. Results show that XScribe drastically improves the Scribe performance in terms of packet loss and delay. At the same time, they also indicate XScribe limitations, and suggest directions to further improve its design.

1st International Workshop on Decentralized Resource Sharing in Mobile Computing and Networking, Los Angeles, California, 2006

Authors: Andrea Passarella, Franca Delmastro, Franca, Marco Conti
IIT authors:

Type: Article in proceedings of international peer-reviewed conference
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems