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SoS - Social Sensing

Type: Progetto interno

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Web Applications for the Future Internet

The project aims to use the people as "social sensors" analyzing what they write on the most popular social media in order to identify and understand the events that are of particular social alarm such as, for example, earthquakes, floods, civil unrest or other emergency situations.

The goal is to build a prototype platform for decision support in emergency management that can analyze in real time the content shared by users on Social Media (SM).

The platform will detect particular situations and / or events that happen in the real world and that arouse alarm among users. The identification of the events will take place in advance of the traditional channels of information. The results of the analysis will be made available through a web site and allow to measure the ability to use the SM in a productive way for the community.



Mariantonietta Noemi La Polla

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Sergio Bianchi

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External Partecipants: Carlo Meletti (INGV), Marco Avvenuti (UniPi), Felice dell'Orletta (ILC-CNR), Fabrizio Falchi (ISTI-CNR), Andrea Esuli (ISTI-CNR), Mario Cimino (UniPi)
From 09/05/2014 to 08/05/2016