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The Fundamental Limits of Broadcasting in Wireless MultiHop Networks

In this talk, we investigate the fundamental properties of broadcasting - the so-called scaling laws - in wireless multihop networks. In particular, we ask the fundamental question of whether (asymptotically) optimal broadcast capacity and latency can be simultaneously achieved, and we give a positive answer to this question (subject to a mild condition on network topology) presenting a capacity and latency optimal broadcasting scheme. This is in sharp contrast with the case of unicast communications, for which optimal capacity and latency cannot be achieved simultaneously.
We then consider the same problem in presence of node mobility, and we show that, while broadcasting is not fundamentally limited in terms of capacity and latency (subject to a very loose upper bound on node velocity), suboptimal performance is indeed obtained when the communication overhead needed to select broadcast relay nodes is taken into account.

From 02/12/2009-11.00 to 02/12/2009-11.00 , Aula didattica dello IIT (Aula A32 - vicino biblioteca)

Speaker: Paolo Santi

Responsible: Paolo Santi

Note: Il livello di approfondimento tecnico della presentazione e' volutamente lasciato ad alto livello, con l'obiettivo di rendere il seminario comprensibile a chiunque abbia un Computer Science/Computer Engineering background.