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ACM MobiOpp 2010 - The Second International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networking

The aim of MobiOpp 2010 is to bring together researchers working on Opportunistic Networking which is one of the emerging communication paradigms in wireless mobile communications. Opportunistic networks are commonly defined as a type of challenged networks where communication opportunities are based on sporadic and intermittent contacts, disconnections and re-connections may frequently occur, and the assumption on the existence of an end-to-end path between the source and the destination is released. MobiOpp 2010 is the second edition in a workshop series sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE. The first workshop in this series originally settled with this name (the First International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networking, MobiOpp 2007) was held on June 11th, 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA) in conjunction with the ACM MobiSys 2007. The success of MobiOpp 2007 and the growing interest of the scientific community in the area of opportunistic networking motivated to organize MobiOpp 2010 as a stand-alone two-day event.


From 22/02/2010 to 23/02/2010, Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa