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Type: Progetto nazionale

Web Applications for the Future Internet

This research project is the result of a collaborative activity with the Region of Tuscany, in order to develop an information system to support the Public Administration (PA) in the evasion of local taxes.

The region is developing an information system called Tosca, which will gradually be adopted by individual districts in Tuscany so that each one can have a proper view of the relevant data, thereby serving the action against tax evasion of local taxes.
The research activities of the group Web Applications for the Future Internet aims to add to the system Tosca experimental features of collection and analysis of information available on the internet aimed at individuals and businesses selling products or services, in order to enrich the data that are officially PA to highlighting any anomalies that could indicate a possible case of evasion.
The collection and analysis of cross-consolidated data such as those available for the PA with the Open and in particular those provided directly by users through ads or post on social networks is an interesting area of ​​research on which there are currently no established technologies.



Sergio Bianchi

Foto di Sergio Bianchi

Fabio Valsecchi

Foto di Fabio Valsecchi

From 01/09/2013 to 01/09/2014