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Contracting: CNIPA

Type: Contratto di collaborazione

Experimental and study activities preparatory to the initiative of recovering state legislation prior to the XIV Legislature aimed at the imlementation of the "Programme for the computerization of existing legislation", as art. 107 of the Law n. 388/2000. These activities include:

  • preparation of a technical study stating:
    1. the definition of criteria for evaluating the quality of the texts in electronic format on which perform the analysis;
    2. a study on the databases from which select texts for evaluation;
    3. the evaluation of the feasibility of converting the format of the text to the XML standards pursuant to Circular AIPA n. 40 "Format for the electronic representation of regulatory measures by the markup language XML" ad subsequent extensions;
  • analysis and comparison of the software tools to be used for semi-automatic treatment of the texts with particular reference to the marking of documents;
  • development of methods to optimize the processes of marking.

From 28/09/2008 to 27/09/2009