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Contracting: Ministero della Giustizia

Type: Contratto di collaborazione

Collaboration and specialized consultant service in the NORMEINRETE Project with the aims of creating a schema for the Electronic processing of different types of regulatory documents according to the XML format.This agreement provides in particular:

  • Partecipation in the activities of the Working Group “DTD Atti normativi e Metadati”
  • Consulting for entering a set of significant pieces of legislation (Testing)
  • Creation of documentation (vocabulary and/or reference manual) on the use of XML schemas products (Documentation)
  • Consulting on web standards being developed by the W3C (Standard RDF, RDF Schema, XMLSignature, XSLT, XPATH, Xquery, XSL-FO)
  • Realization of prototype applications for inputting, storing and use of regulatory documents (Development of prototypes)
  • Transfer and promotion of the results obtained on the Web NIR (Transfer)

From 30/12/2001 to 31/12/2003