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Clavius on the Web

Type: Progetto interno

Web Applications for the Future Internet

The Historical Archive of the Pontifical Gregorian University (APUG) has a cultural heritage that attest the intellectual activity of the Jesuits of the Roman College, from its foundation in 1551 to the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773. More than 5,000 codes attest the lessons of rhetoric, grammar, philosophy and theology, taught in the course of two centuries, in addition to the study of Greek and Latin classics, astronomy, mathematics and physics, and Latin languages​​, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic.

The project aims to enhance the cultural heritage made ​​available by APUG through the implementation of an integrated platform that facilitates the navigation through the web and providing tools for both expert and non-experts in that field. The paradigms used may be those of the Semantic Web and  the information visualization, ensuring, at the same time, accuracy and conciseness.

The main idea is to recreate some historical and geographical context, such as geographical maps and / or timelines. A key aspect is the possibility to enrich the initial content with links to other resources residing in other archives or in any case available on the Web according to the vision of the Web of Data.

Furthermore, the project intends to develop appropriate tools for the creation of didactic digital objects to be introduced in the process of modernization of the Italian school. In order to provide a contribution towards the digital school, the simple navigation of the digital content of APUG certainly offers an opportunity to "create stories" about the rediscovery of our history.

Clavius on the Web


External Partecipants: Andrea Bozzi (ILC-CNR), Martin Morales (APUG), Irene Pedretti (APUG), Marco Rufino (FRD), Damiana Luzzi (FRD)
From 18/10/2012 to 18/09/2014