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EU Project - Open Polarity Enhanced Named Entity Recognition (OpeNER)

Type: Progetto internazionale

Web Applications for the Future Internet

The Opener project aims to provide industries in the tourism sector a range of technologies for the recognition  of entities  of interest (hotels, restaurants, pubs, ...), their classification and the sentiment analysis of the associated comments. 

This will be done in collaboration with the tourism promotion agencies at different levels of action: metropolitan (Amsterdam), regional (Tuscany) and national (Spain).
Opener will use proven techniques from the Open Source community and will create an online community of development, in order to ensure the project's viability in the long term. Some modules will be developed and will be managed 6 languages​​: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch.

In order to ensure that the benefits of the project are adopted and extensible to new areas and languages, OpeNER will try to make  that the tools and techniques that are derived from the project are available under open source or hybrid licenses.

The project started in July 2012 and will end in June 2014.

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External Partecipants: Monica Monachini (ILC), Francesca Frontini (ILC), Carlo Aliprandi (Synthema)
From 01/07/2012 to 30/06/2014