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Componente di Sicurezza del TIX e della Infrastruttura di RTRT - Indicazioni tecniche per le fasi di progettazione e gestione

TIX (Tuscany Internet eXchange) is a Neutral Access Point (NAP) to promote territorial connectivity cover of Tuscany region for Public Local Government that belongs to RTRT (Tuscany Data Transmission Network) Infrastructure. Starting from TIX planning analysis, we provide a description of the process to secure and protect TIX indicating strategies and methodologies to improve the security system level.


Authors: Buzzi M. C., Dianda F., Prati E., Rossi L., Sommani M.
IIT authors:

Marco Sommani

Foto di Marco Sommani

Type: TR Technical reports
Field of reference: Computer Science & Engineering
IIT TR-07/2003
Technical Report IIT TR-07/2003
File: 2003-TR-07.pdf

Activity: E-Government Security