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A Two-Dimensional Geometry-Based Stochastic Model

In this paper, we tackle the problem of deriving the power angular scattering response (PASR) resulting from a Guassian scatterer distribution. Differently from previous work, the scatter cluster can be located arbitrarily in the vicinity of the mobile unit. Furthermore, for the considered scatter geometry we derive both the angular and distance statistics at the observation point, allowing for the first time a theoretical characterization of PASR. A major byproduct of our analysis is that the Gaussian scatterer hypothesis is formally shown to produce a Gaussian power angular spectrum in a macrocell environment, which is in accordance with existing measurements.

IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication Letters, 2012

IIT authors:

Konstantinos Mammasis

Foto di Konstantinos Mammasis

Type: Article in ISI Journal
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

Activity: Algoritmica per reti wireless