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Componente di Sicurezza del TIX e della Infrastruttura di RTRT – Indicazioni tecniche su uno stile di gestione della sicurezza orientato ai processi in base alla normativa ISO-IEC:BS17799:2000

This document will describe the process of secure and protect a general system (or organization) according to the security management model defined in ISO BS17799:2000 security standard; this standard consists of recommended information security practices. After this presentation, in order to estimate the effectiveness of the solutions already implemented, we will apply this model to the context of the TIX, Tuscany Internet eXchange, a Neutral Access Point (NAP) to promote territorial connectivity cover of Tuscany region for Public Local Government that belongs to RTRT (Tuscany Data Transmission Network) Infrastructure. In order to supply a concrete example, we also will analyze a crucial functionality of the security system, firewall, providing some useful indications for firewall management policies.


Authors: M.C. Buzzi, F. Dianda, L. Rossi
IIT authors:

Type: TR Technical reports
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT TR-02/2004

File: tr-02-2004.pdf

Activity: E-Government Security