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Archele, a web based acquisition, search and retrieval system

The problem of filing and storing paper and electronic documents is of great concern for public administration as well as private companies. We introduce a system that allows acquisition of images by means of one or more computer equipped with scanners, and associated with metadata for the subsequent search for and storage of data in a Document Repository protected by a system of access control lists (ACL).The system we describe here allows filing, search and retrieval of millions of documents by means of web interfaces. The architecture is fully compliant with web standards and with its design principles. The system we describe is called ArchEle (in Italian, Archiviazione Elettronica).


Authors: Andreini M.,Lucchesi C., Martinelli M.,Vasarelli G.
IIT authors:

Giuseppe Vasarelli

Foto di Giuseppe Vasarelli

Marco Andreini

Foto di Marco Andreini

Type: Rapporti tecnici, manuali, carte geologiche e tematiche e prodotti multimediali
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems
rapporti tecnici IIT 2007-TR-009