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Internet Diffusion Among Italian Firms: The Digital Divide Exists

The digital divide can occur either as a “local” (within a given country) or “global” (between developing and industrialized countries) phenomenon. Our study intends to offer an important contribution by analyzing the digital divide in Italy and the factors contributing to this situation at the territorial level (i.e., macroareas: North, Center, South and at the regional level). To do this, we used the registration of Internet domains under the “.it” ccTLD as proxy. In particular, we analyzed domain names registered by firms.The analysis produced interesting results: the distribution of domains registered by firms in Italian regions is more concentrated than the distribution according to income and population, suggesting a diffusive effect.
Furthermore, when analyzing the factors that contribute to the presence of a digital divide at the regional level, regression analysis was performed using social, economic and infrastructure indicators. Results show that Italian provinces that have good productive efficiency, a high cultural level, and greater spending for investment in telephony and telematics are the best candidates for utilization of the Internet.

1st International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Miami, USA, 2005

Authors: M. Martinelli, I. Serrecchia, M. Serrecchia
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Type: Article in proceedings of international peer-reviewed conference
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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