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Misurare, valutare e migliorare la PA su Internet

Within the 2012 Italian e-Government plan and with regard to the modernization of Public Administration, the N. 8 2009/11/26 Directive of the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation for the reduction of PA web sites and for the improvement of the quality of services and on-line information available to citizens, set out specific Guidelines. These are designed to provide clear indications regarding general criteria for the presentation of the information, operating tools for the rationalization of online contents, reduction of obsolete public websites and improvement of active sites. These Guidelines, that are part of the initiatives aiming to improve Pas, wish to create an open and transparent relationship with the citizen by initiating a process of "ongoing improvement” of public websites quality.

In particular, the Guidelines pay special attention to the definition of a map of a set of minimum essential requisites that must be satisfied within institutional PA websites on the basis of current legislation (e.g. Digital Administration Code, Italian Data Protection Authority, etc.).

This project foresees the creation of a pilot monitoring system that, starting from .it domain names registered by Italian PAs, enables verification and analysis of the capacity of Pas to activate/manage information and services by means of the Internet and web channels. This evaluation is also carried out through the study and definition of a synthetic indicator of the quality of PA websites. This is measured in terms of coherence or compliance with regards to a minimum set of compulsory content prerequisites, indicated in the Guidelines, among which, for example,  the sections: organizational chart, external relations office (URP), transparency of information, evaluation and quality of personnel, administrative procedures, notice of public tenders, job competitions, on-line services, legal notices and electronic mail certificate (PEC).