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machine learning

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali prima del 01/01/2016

A Criticism to Society (as seen by Twitter analytics)

A Fake Follower Story: improving fake accounts detection on Twitter

Clustering Spam Emails into Campaigns

Digital Waste Sorting: A Goal-Based, Self-Learning Approach to Label Spam Email Campaigns

Fame for sale: effcient detection of fake Twitter followers

Improved maturity assessment of Wikipedia medical articles

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali dal 01/01/2016

A K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Ship Route Prediction

Android malware detection based on system call sequences and LSTM

A Time Series Classification Approach to Game Bot Detection

BRIDEMAID: An Hybrid Tool for Accurate Detection of Android Malware

Car Hacking Identification through Fuzzy Logic Algorithms

Cluster Analysis for Driver Aggressiveness Identification

Driver and Path Detection through Time-Series Classification

Game Bot Detection in Online Role Player Game through Behavioural Features

I Find Your Behavior Disturbing: Static and Dynamic App Behavioral Analysis for Detection of Android Malware

Impact of Code Obfuscation on Android Malware Detection based on Static and Dynamic Analysis

Machine Learning meets iOS Malware: Identifying Malicious Applications on Apple Environment

Mobile Silent and Continuous Authentication using Apps Sequence

R-PackDroid: API Package-Based Characterization and Detection of Mobile Ransomware

Semi-supervised knowledge extraction for detection of drugs and their effects

Tor traffic analysis and detection via machine learning techniques

VizMal: A Visualization Tool for Analyzing the Behavior of Android Malware

Who's Driving My Car? A machine learning based approach to driver identification