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Contributo in atti di convegno, 2018

Caterina Senette, Amaury Trujillo, Erico Perrone, Stefania Bargagna, Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Barbara Leporini, Alice Elena Piatti
An Interactive Cognitive-Motor Training System for Children with Intellectual Disability
2018, HCI International 2018
Gianpiero Costantino, Antonio La Marra, Fabio Martinelli, Ilaria Matteucci
A Social Engineering Attack to Leak Private Information from Android In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems
2018, ITA-SEC 2018
M. Carmen Lucas-Estan, Theofanis P. Raptis, Miguel Sepulcre, Andrea Passarella, Cristina Regueiro, Óscar Lázaro
A software defined hierarchical communication and data management architecture for industry 4.0
2018, Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services Conference (WONS 2018)
G. Costantino, F. Martinelli, I. Matteucci, A. Bertolino, A. Calabrò, E. Marchetti
CARS: Context Aware Reputation Systems to Evaluate Vehicles’ Behaviour
2018, Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP2018)
Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, Vittoria Nardone, Albina Orlando, Antonella Santone
Cluster Analysis for Driver Aggressiveness Identification
2018, 2st International Workshop on FORmal methods for Security Engineering (ForSE 2018), in conjunction with the 4rd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP 2018)
Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, Vittoria Nardone, Albina Orlando, Antonella Santone
Context-Awareness Mobile Devices for Traffic Incident Prevention
2018, 1st International Workshop on Context-Awareness for Multi-Device Pervasive and Mobile Computing, in conjunction with IEEE PerCom 2018
Ganbayar Uuganbayar, Artsiom Yautsiukhin, and Fabio Martinelli
Cyber Insurance and Security Interdependence: Friends or Foes?
2018, 2018 International Workshop on Cyber Insurance and Risk Controls (CIRC)
Maria Francesca Carfora, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, Albina Orlando and Artsiom Yautsiukhin
Cyber risk management: a new challenge for actuarial mathematics
2018, Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance (MAF 2018)
Loreto Pescosolido, Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella
D2D Data Offloading in Vehicular Networks with Delivery Time Selection
2018, International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, (IFIP WWIC 2018)
Emilio Ancillotti, Raffaele Bruno, Carlo Vallati, Enzo Mingozzi
Design and Evaluation of a Rate-Based Congestion Control Mechanism in CoAP for IoT Applications
2018, IEEE International International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2018)