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Articolo Convegno, 2010

Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Barbara Leporini, Giulio Mori, Victor M. R. Penichet
Accessing Google Docs via Screen Reader
2010, ICCHP 2010 - 12th International Conference
Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Santini
A Formal Framework for Trust Policy Negotiation in Autonomic Systems: Abduction with Soft Constraints
2010, Autonomous and Trusted Computing (ATC2010).
V. Angelakis, R. Bruno, N. Gazoni, V. Siris
A Framework for Opportunistic Routing in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
2010, PE-WASUN 2010
Vanessa Gardellin, Sajal K. Das, Luciano Lenzini
A Fully Distributed Game Theoretic Approach to Guarantee Self-Coexistence among WRANs
2010, IEEE INFOCOM-2010 Workshop on Cognitive Wireless Communications and Networking
M. Di Francesco, A. Anastasi, M. Conti, Sajal K. Das, V, Neri
An Adaptive Algorithm for Dynamic Tuning of MAC Parameters in IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Networks
2010, PerSeNS 2010
Juan Enrique Garrido, Victor M. R. Penichet, María D. Lozano, Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Barbara Leporini, Giulio Mori
Analysis and Improvement Proposal of Google Documents as a Groupware Tool
2010, XI Congreso Internacional de Interaccion Persona-Ordenador
Matteo Mordacchini, Ranieri Baraglia, Patrizio Dazzi, Laura Ricci
A P2P REcommender system based on Gossip Overlays (PREGO)
2010, 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT 2010)
M. Elena Renda
A Personalized Information Search Assistant
2010, 6th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST'10)
Maurizio Colombo, Aliaksandr Lazouski, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori
A proposal on enhancing XACML with continuous usage control features
2010, Grids, P2P and Services Computing
E. Ancillotti, R. Bruno, K. Grochlaz, V. A. Siris, E. Z. Tragos
Automatically configured, optimised and QoS aware wireless mesh networks
2010, PIMRC 2010