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Rivista non ISI, 2005

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2005, International Journal on Distributed Sensor Networks
M. ter Beek, G. Lenzini, M. Petrocchi.
Contributions of Team Automata in Security.
2005, ERCIM News
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Digital divide analysis in the Italian firms by using domain names
2005, The E-Business Review
Laura Abba
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2005, Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks: An International Journal (Old City Publishing)
N.Busi, R.Gorrieri, F.Martinelli
2005, ENTCS
S.Bistarelli, I.Cervesato, G.Lenzini, F. Martinelli
Relating multiset rewriting and process algebras for security protocol analysis.
2005, Journal of Computer Security
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Replication Web Servers: Comparison of Client-based and Server-based solutions
2005, Cluster Computing Journal (Springer), Special issue on Ad Hoc Networks