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Rivista non ISI, 2003

Brimkov V.E., Codenotti B., Crespi V., Barneva R.P., Leoncini M.
Computation of the Lovasz Theta Function for Circulant Graphs
2003, Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
Marco Conti, Silvia Giordano
ESF/PESC Exploratory Workshop: Is Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Part of the Future of Mobile Networking in Europe?,
2003, IEEE Global Communications Newsletters
Bistarelli S., Gorrieli R., Martinelli F.
General Properties and Termination Conditions for Soft Constraint Propagation
2003, Constraints: An International Journal
Chlamtac I., Conti M., Liu J.
Mobile Ad hoc Networking: Imperatives and Challenges
2003, Ad Hoc Networks
Codenotti B., Gerace I., Resta G.
Some remarks on the Shannon capacity of odd cycles
2003, Ars Combinatorica
Santi P., Blough D.M.
The Critical Transmitting Range for Connectivity in Sparse Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
2003, IEEE Transaction on mobile computing
Bettstetter C., Resta G., Santi P.
The Node Distribution of the Random Waypoint Mobility Model for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
2003, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing